A Brief History of Modern India (Spectrum) by Rajiv Ahir pdf download

A Brief History of Modern India by Rajiv Ahir

(Spectrum) New Edition

A Brief History of Modern India (Spectrum) New edition pdf download

A Brief History of Modern India is one of the best book for preparing Modern History section of UPSC and other State PCS examinations like BPSC, JPSC, UPPSC, etc.


Unit 1 

Chapter 1: Sources of the History of Modern India

Chapter 2: Major Approaches to the History of Modern India

Unit 2 

Chapter 3: Advent of the Europeans in India

Chapter 4: India on the eve of British conquest

Chapter 5: Expansion and Consolidation of British power in India

Unit 3 

Chapter 6: People's Resistance against British before 1857

Chapter 7: The Revolt of 1857

Unit 4 

Chapter 8: Socio-Religious Reform Movements - General Features

Chapter 9: A general survey of socio-cultural reform movements and their leaders

Unit 5 

Chapter 10: Beginning of Modern Nationalism in India

Chapter 11: Indian National congress - Foundation and the Moderate Phase

Unit 6 

Chapter 12: Era of militant nationalism (1905-09)

Chapter 13: First phase of revolutionary activities (1907-17)

Chapter 14: First world war and nationalist response

Unit 7 

Chapter 15: Emergence of Gandhi

Chapter 16: Non-Cooperation movement and Khilafat Movement

Chapter 17: Emergence of Swarajists, Socialist ideas, revolutionary activities and other new forces

Chapter 18: Simon commission and the Nehru report

Chapter 19: Civil disobedience Movement and Round Table Conferences

Chapter 20: Debates on the future strategy after civil disobedience movement

Chapter 21: Congress rule in provinces

Unit 8

Chapter 22: Nationalist response in the wake of world war II

Chapter 23: Quit India Movement, Demand for Pakistan and the INA

Chapter 24: Post-War National scenario

Chapter 25: Independence with partition

Unit 9 

Chapter 26: Constitutional administrative and Judicial developments

Chapter 27: Survey of British policies in India

Chapter 28: Economic impact of the British rule in India

Chapter 29: Development of Indian Press

Chapter 30: Development of education

Chapter 31: Peasant movements (1857-1947)

Chapter 32: The movement of the working class

Unit 10 

Chapter 33: Challenges before the Newborn Nation

Chapter 34: The Indian States

Chapter 35: Making of the Constitution for India

Chapter 36: The evolution of nationalist foreign policy

Chapter 37: First general elections

Chapter 38: Developments under Nehru's leadership (1947-64)

Chapter 39: After Nehru

Spectrum Modern History Book pdf

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Spectrum Modern History book (new edition) pdf download

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