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Types of Market and Resource allocation
Tamil Nadu Class 11 History book pdf download
Mastering Modern World History by Norman Lowe pdf download
Attitude, its components and functions
Price Elasticity and Income Elasticity of demand
Disha UPSC Prelims Previous Year Questions pdf download
Market Exchange Rate and Purchasing Power Parity
Value, Attitude, Morals and Ethics (VAME)
Micro Economics Concept (Demand & Supply)
Discuss the factors responsible for the formation of Indian National Congress. Was it merely a safety valve created by A.O. Hume? Give reasons to support your answer.
Federalism and Sarkaria Commission
Parliamentary Committees
Union Territories
The Union and its territories
Sub-Ordinate Courts, Lok Adalat and Fast Track Courts
High Court
Jurisdiction of Supreme Court & Judicial Review
PIL and Judicial Activism
The Supreme Court
State Legislature
State Executive (The Governor)
Tribal Areas
Scheduled Areas
Urban Local Self Government (Municipality)
Rural Local Self Government (Panchayats)
Accounting theories and principles
Political Parties, Electoral laws and Electoral reforms
Elections and Election Commission of India
Types of Elections
Funds (Types of Funds)
Sessions of the Parliament
Types of Bills
Disqualification of MPs & Anti-defection law
Millennium development goals and Sustainable development goals
Determinants of Economic Development
The Parliament
Emergency (National emergency, President rule and Financial emergency)
Economic Growth and Development
Basic Accounting terms
Poverty, its types and measurement (MPI)
Attorney General of India
Introduction to Accounting
General Accounting Principles for UPSC EPFO and APFC
Unemployment, its types and causes
Difference between Parliamentary and Presidential form of Government
Parliamentary form of government
Political History of Ancient India by Hemchandra Raychaudhuri pdf download
The Prime Minister and Council of MInisters
The Vice President
Inequality: Its causes and remedies
Indian Economy and Socio-Economic issues (Features of Indian Economy)
The President of India