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Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude
Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude: An Introduction
Modern India by Poonam Dalal Dahiya pdf download
Class 11 History NCERT (Themes in World History) pdf download
Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP)
Class 12 History NCERT Books pdf download
Social Justice: Hunger
Exploring Early India by Ranabir Chakravarti pdf download
Class 12 Geography NCERT Book pdf download
Class 11 Geography NCERT Books pdf download
Social Justice: Poverty
Vulnerable Sections: Person with Disability (PwD)
Vulnerable Sections: Transgenders
History of Ancient and Early Medieval India by Upinder Singh pdf download
Vulnerable Sections: Old Age
Social Justice: Child issues (Child labour, Child marriage & Juvenile delinquency)
History of Early India by Romila Thapar pdf download
Indian History by Krishna Reddy (Mc Graw Hill Education) pdf free download
Indian Polity: Citizenship
Social Justice: Vulnerable Sections (Child & POSCO Act)
Impact of Globalisation on Indian Society
Urbanisation and issues related to Urbanisation
Fundamental Rights
Fundamental Right (Right to Freedom)
Fundamental Rights (Right to Equality)
Contribution of Women in Freedom Struggle
Development of Trade Unions and the Rise of Capitalist in India
Peasant Organisations and Movements during 20th Century
Fundamental Rights: An introdution
Different Stages of Colonialism and the Rise of Left & CPI
Population policy of India
Development of Press during British Rule
Different phases of Communalism in India
Migration and issues associated with Migration
Development of education in India during British period
Population associated issues in India
Gandhi ji and Subash Chandra Bose
India towards Independence
INA and Subash Chandra Bose
Communal Award and Government of India Act 1935
Nehru report, Civil disobedience movement & Round table conferences
Revolutionary Activities
Secularism & its various aspects and UCC
Diversity in India: Racial diversity & Ethnic diversity and Unity in diversity
Regional diversity and Regionalism
Religious diversity, Communalism and Religious fundamentalism
Diversity in India: Linguistic Diversity
Women issues: Dowry and Surrogacy
Women issues: Violence against Women
Gandhian Phase in India
Women Issues: Patriarchy vis-à-vis Work
Lexicon Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude pdf download
Women Issues: Patriarchy
Society: Women Issues