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Ocean deposits and Coral Reefs
Temperature of the Oceans
Climatic regions of the world
Air Mass
Jet Streams
Cloud and Precipitation
Humidity, Evaporation and Condensation
Seasonal winds and Local winds
Planetary Winds and Inter Tropical Convergence zone (ITCZ)
Pressure and Pressure belts
Temperature and Temperature inversion
Insolation and Heat Budget
Imperial Cholas (Mainline Chola) Dynasty
Tripartite Struggle
Pallavas and Chalukyas
Pushyabhuti Dynasty
Sangam Age
Gupta Empire
Post Maurya Period - II
Vijaynagar Empire
Bahmani Kingdom
Mughal Empire and Shiva Ji
Mysore and Anglo-Mysore Wars
Post Maurya Period - I
Bengal and the Battle of Plassey
Lodi Dynasty
Sayyid Dynasty
Carnatic Wars
Public Administration: An introduction
Decline of Mughal empire and The Rise of Regional Powers
Later Mughals
Advent of Europeans
Landforms: Riverine landforms
Exogenic Movements
Earthquakes and Tsunami
Plate Tectonic Theory
Sea floor Spreading Theory
Continental Drift Theory
Earth's Movement: Isostatic and Eustatic Movement
Endogenic Movements
Maurya Dynasty: Making of an Empire
Nanda Dynasty
Shishunaga Dynasty
Earth's Movement
Rocks and Types of Rocks
Haryanka Dynasty
Rise of Magadha: Magadha Empire
Interior of the Earth
Rise of 16 Mahajanapadas
Later Vedic Period
Solar and Lunar Eclipse
Fundamental Duties
Tughlaq Dynasty
Early Vedic Period
Solar System and its origin
Khlji Dynasty
Chalcolithic Period
Delhi Sultanate - Slave Dynasty
Basics of Cosmology
Nature of Indian Political Setup (Federation or a Unitary setup)
Indus Valley Civilization (Harrapan Civilization)
Earth, Solar System and Universe
Constitution: An introduction
Anglo-French Rivalry (Carnatic Wars)
Islamic invasion in India
Pre History